Rocks Off’s Music-centric Hurricane Survival Kit

How to Make a Hurricane Survival Kit

A Musician’s Survival Kit: One main instrument: Your brain might default to guitar in this case, and that’s not the worst idea in the world. A guitar will have to go in a case, which opens up all sorts of storage options for the instrument and the rest of your equipment. But don’t limit yourself to just that, because there are all sorts of portable instruments in the world, from small synthesizers to pieces of percussion to whatever instrument you played in high school and have been ignoring since. Whatever you go with, make sure it isn’t too valuable. On the off chance something bad does happen, you don’t want it to happen to your good gear. Go for function over fancy. Accessories: Now that you have an instrument, what will you need to play it? If it’s a bug out bag guitar, you’ll probably want some extra strings and picks.
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Hurricane Preparations: A Personal Survival Kit

For $114.95 you get essentials like purified water and a first aid kit, plus less obvious supplies like dust masks, nylon rope and working gloves. offers a similarly comprehensive 72-hour emergency kit for $79.95, with more emphasis on food supplies. When it comes to considering the cost of these kits, its important to remember that price should not be as important as your safety. Still, a review of the relevant literature from the insurance industry and federal government suggest that a more stripped-down kit may suffice for all but the most apocalyptic scenario. The Department of Homeland Securitys recommends a three-day supply of food and water, radios, a flashlight with batteries, a first-aid kit, a whistle, dust masks, moist towlettes, garbage bags, maps, a cell phone, a cell phonecharger and some basic tools.
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Shenkman. Insurance cards Following an emergency, there’s a good chance you will need to contact an insurance provider. To make sure this can be done readily, de Baca suggests also photo-copying all of your insurance cards, including proof of medical, dental, property, casualty, auto and disability insurance. Copies should be made the same way you replicated your payment methods. Make sure you also have 24-hour contact number for the insurance providers on hand, in addition to your agent’s direct line. “A natural disaster that forces you from your home may just as well close down your local agent’s office for a few days as well,” says Jim Heitman, a certified financial planner with Compass Financial Planning . [Credit Cards: Research and compare credit cards at ] Contact information for medical personnel According to Shenkman, it’s just as important to include the contact information for your preferred medical personnel in your survival kit. This will let family members know who to call in the event of a prolonged medical emergency. In addition to ensuring you are treated by a trusted physician, it can also reduce the chances of incurring big medical bills your insurance will not pay once you have recovered. Contact information for your employer If you are not going to be able return to work due to an emergency, you will need to contact your employer, says the National Endowment for Financial Education . As such, you may want to supply someone outside your home with your employer’s contact information so they can get in touch with them when you cannot. It may also be a good idea to review the information on the Department of Labor’s website regarding the Family Medical and Leave Act so you know what to do if you anticipate being out of work for a prolonged period of time, NEFE says.
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The 7 Financial Papers To Stash In Your Hurricane Survival Kit

Water is the greater part of nature. Immerse yourself in things that strengthen you, keep you feeling fresh. For me this includes walks in natural settings, running, and other outdoor activities. The great outdoors, or even a city park, heal the mind and soul. 4. Have some cash on hand. You might need to fall back on some hard cash in emergencies.
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Hurricane Survival Kits Surge

The $475 Group Support Unit is similar, but tailored for 10 people for three days. While many of the items contained in the packets can be bought separately at local hardware and grocery stores, Cutaia says the kits make the shopping easier. Also, she said, it makes finding the items easier. “There`s just a million things you can`t prepare for,“ she said. “In an emergency, there`s only one bag to reach for.“ The kits, Cutaia says, are easily stored and can even be kept in the trunk of a car for easy access. Many items found in Cutaia`s kits can also be found in kits sold with The Throne, Hargaden`s portable toilets. The toilet is little more than a bucket with a form-fitted toilet seat on it, but Hargaden says it is something you don`t want to be without.
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