High-tech Survival Gear: 8 Gadgets You Shouldn’t Camp Without

Camp in style with the best in high-tech survival gear

Arka USB Charger + Lantern + Flashlight The Arka light also serves as a back-up battery charger Another innovative piece of camping kit, the Arka has three main purposes. It works as a standard tent lantern, shining as bright as 180 lumens for 6-8 hours (hold down the switch to lower the brightness to the lowest setting and it lasts 50 hours). Push the lantern shell back into the recess and the Arka works as a flashlight, focusing the beam – which projects about 75 meters – to help you find your way through the dark (there’s also a setting for SOS strobe). On top of all that, the Arka can also be used a back-up battery charger with a USB port for your phone. 5. Sony DEV-50V DVR Binoculars Zoom in 25x, snap 24 megapixel pics, record hi-def 3D video? Yes! Put up your tent? No No campsite would be complete with a pair of 3D-recording binoculars . This second-gen model is now more compact and weighs just 765 grams. You can snap 24 megapixel photos, record hi-def 2D or 3D videos and zoom in up to 25x (or down to .5x), and the DEC-50V uses image stabilization tech to maintain a steady view. A helpful perk: a new low-light feature means you can spot subjects even at dusk and record whatever you see.
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Emergency Survival Gear – Frank Talk About Guns Nov. 2013

Dorsey claimed that wealthy patrons from cities have been buying up the gear as well, telling KMOX that: Ive had people in here that are very wealthy and theyve spent thousands of dollars just on backpacks that they fill with survival gear, one for each person of their family and something where they can just grab a bag and get out of Dodge. The survivalists plans for a collapse arent limited to any one route, according to Dorsey. Some are stocking up on freeze-dried meals for home, others are stashing food at remote locations outside of cities they would flee to in the event of major incident. In other cases, families are setting up communal safe havens where 20 or 30 people will gather in the event of a collapse. Dorsey gave his analysis of the situation as people are scared. They dont know where this country is going. They think were on a downward spiral with just dramatic, crazy spending. People just dont know whats going to happen. That much seems increasingly obvious, whether one is out storing up on MREs or not. It is about the story.
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List of Cold Weather Survival Gear

But as soon as I tried an easier touch, it cut quickly and deeply. The cuts in the logs look just like those of a gas-powered chainsaw, they just take a little longer to materialize. The self-cleaning teeth stayed remarkably sharp, cut after cut. But if you do manage to wear them down, the teeth can be sharpened with standard -inch chainsaw chain file. Theres actually a little bit of spare room in the carrying pouch, so Im planning to cut down a file to add to the kit. This saw is not new; its been around for about five years now, and many happy customers are still using theirs.
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‘Collapse’ Preparations Push Skyrocketing Survival Gear Sales

Collapse Preparations Push Skyrocketing Survival Gear Sales

As extreme cold saps your will and makes it more difficult to think clearly and act decisively, careful planning and having the proper gear can be the difference between life and death. Ideally, you’ll have a radio or a buddy along to help keep your mind occupied and clear. But those won’t guarantee your survival. In addition to the gear you’d bring on any other trip, a few cold weather essentials should also be in your pack. Clothing Dressing in loose layers is essential to cold weather survival. When choosing clothes, synthetic fibers are preferable to cotton, which absorbs more moisture. Having multiple layers keeps pockets of warm air close to your body, providing Bug out Bag Backpack natural insulation. Wear only dry clothes, though, and remove excess layers if necessary to avoid sweating during physical exertion. Don’t neglect to include your legs when you’re planning your layers. Any type of hat will also increase your ability to retain heat and, if the had does not cover your ears, a scarf or balaclava will improve coverage and insulation.
Full details accessible at this website: http://www.livestrong.com/article/118629-list-cold-weather-survival-gear/

Survival Gear Review: Ultimate Survival Technnologies SaberCut

There will be lots of bally-hoo when we open, so well let you know when were up and running. Really would like to have you come by and stop to visit. Going to be some really cool stuff going on. We keep adding new products, too. The gang here is really excited about all the new emergency and survival gear were getting in. Water purification , long-term-storage food , tents , sleeping bags , go-bags you name it, weve got it in one convenient place on our website . With all this preparedness stuff on my mind, Ive been thinking about what would make the ideal emergency/survival rifle. A lot of folks would say its the AR-15.
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