Outdoors Survival Strategies And Gear

Outdoors Shop Brings Wilderness Survival and Free Yoga to Utica Avenue

Scott Thurner was in the homestretch of a flight from Nevada to Colorado last February when his Cessna 172 apparently iced up in rough weather before plunging into a snowy mountain. Thurner survived with minor injuries–but he was 15 rugged miles from the nearest main road, and had violated protocol and common sense by failing to file a flight plan. Now, the amateur pilot faced the ultimate test of his ingenuity and grit. In a similar situation, what would you do? Would you have the right stuff to get out alive? If you followed the advice contained in hoary survival guidebooks, maybe not. Forget notions of jigging fish and building elaborate log structures.
The gem comes through one of my favorite sites: http://www.popularmechanics.com/outdoors/survival/stories/1682671

Survival Straps by Tough Gear Inc.

The team behind Brooklyn Outdoor Provisions wants to urge their neighbors into the great outdoors, offering top-of-the line adventure gear, wilderness survival classes and free community yoga in Crown Heights. “Its really about bug out bag building a community here in Brooklyn thats engaged and really wants to get out,” manager Avi Edelson said of the new shop, which will open to the public on Nov. 18. “Theres no group of people who more needs to get out than people who live in New York City.” Owner Yehuda Solomon, who previously ran an online store for outdoor gear, said he hopes the 198 Utica Ave. shop will serve a previously untapped market of would-be urban adventurers far from Lululemon-clad Manhattan. “Brooklyn in general is very underserved in the outdoor industry,” Solomon said. “I don’t believe that the outdoors is for one specific group or another specific group the outdoor industry is for everyone.” The store will carry a variety of athletic and camping apparel, wilderness gear and everyday accessories from trendy Fjallraven backpacks to MSR IsoPro fuel and Marmot tents in an effort to cater to outdoor novices as well as adventure enthusiasts. “We probably have over 40 different companies that were working with in the store,” said business development coordinator Matthew Birko. “We wanted to put up a place that offered all the different components of the outdoor experience to the Brooklyn community.” In addition to its selection of camping, running and yoga gear, the shop will feature introductory classes ranging from basic yoga poses to how to start a fire in the wilderness. “Part of the reason were doing these classes is because youre not going to go out for a long hike or an overnight or just start doing yoga unless you have some help and assistance along the way,” Edelson said.
Obtain all the complete information and facts over here – http://www.dnainfo.com/new-york/20131115/crown-heights/outdoors-shop-brings-wilderness-survival-free-yoga-utica-avenue

Outdoor Survival; Part II, Core Gear

The "Home invasion" GLOCK commercial: What could the young woman do better?

The bracelets are made with 15 feet of woven parachute cord that serve as a bracelet witha breakaway clasp. If a need arises for stout cord, it is unraveled and ready for anything from securing luggage to your vehicles roof, to tying up game to repairing a tent or securing a boat to the dock. These multipurpose items are made in America by Tough Gear Inc., a family-run company in Florida in business since 2005. They are committed to supporting the men and women of the military and have partnered with the Wounded Warrior Project, hoping to raise awareness and dollars for them with a portion of every purchase from the companys website going to the project. Stories of people who have used their bracelets are varied. One is from a sniper who was providing cover fire for his unit while serving in Iraq.
This information is based upon: http://bangordailynews.com/2011/06/02/outdoors/gear-box/survival-straps-by-tough-gear-inc/

Knowing this will also go a long ways to helping you stay calm about the fact. Water. This can vary a great deal based upon your destination. In dry, arid country, carry a bit more. In lush green forest, you can collect and wring out enough dew using a shirt to keep you in plenty of H2O. Should you carry a filter? This depends. If your filter is small enough, you may want to consider it. I personally don’t bother. Giardia and Cryptosporidium suck bad….really bad. But, they won’t kill you, just make things really uncomfortable for a time.
Many Thanks to this internet site: http://www.examiner.com/article/outdoor-survival-part-ii-core-gear

Survival Gear: Grate Chef Firestarter Packets

Use this time to stock up on lighters, matches, and various forms of tinder and fuel to add to your emergency equipment. When it comes to fuel, its hard to beat the good old cotton ball soaked in petroleum jelly, but Grate Chef FireStarter packets make a great back up. Available in Europe for years, fire staring packs are a more recent introduction to the shelves of many American grocery and home improvement stores. Theyre often found next to the charcoal and lighter fluid, or the grilling equipment. The non-toxic contents (which include aliphatic hydrocarbons, urea-based resins, and paraffin) are stored inside small waterproof packets, each measuring 2.5 x 2.5 inches and weighing about of an ounce. When youre ready to light your fire, grill, stove, or hearth, just apply an open flame to the corner of one packet, and it will begen to burn and ignite the paraffin. Each FireStarter pack burns for roughly 9 to 10 minutes, even in bad weather.
This snippet comes through one of my favorite blogging sites: http://www.outdoorlife.com/blogs/survivalist/2013/12/survival-gear-grate-chef-firestarter-packets

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