Tnw Pick Of The Day: The Animator’s Survival Kit Is A Spellbinding Ipad App For Budding Animators

K12 Pocket Survival Cards Provide Guidance for Outdoor Adventurers Unexpectedly Stranded in the Wilderness


The main home screen has two sections The Kit, which is where the learning takes place, and Extras, which includes a few bonus features from the pencil of Williams himself. In the main section of the book, you can skip to any particular chapter you wish to focus on. The eBook is strewn with animation examples, and also with videos of Williams talking directly to the camera, explaining the background to some of the disciplines of his art. Using sketches and simple animations, Williams guides readers step-by-step through specific techniques such as how to produce runs, jumps and skips. Then theres how to create the effect of a bouncing ball accelerating/decelerating as it rises up and falls down again. He even shows you how to produce a simple walking character. The app contains more than a hundred original animations by Williams, and features a simple slide to animate control that lets you see exactly how an animation was created frame by frame. In the Extras section, you can peruse through four different features, three of which have a video with Williams explaining the back story to each animation. You can also watch the spellbinding animation from the intro screen again, if you so wish. Silent Film, for example, is a 45-second skit featuring famous faces from silent movies all morphing into each other. Behind the scenes Williams, through Faber and Faber, enlisted the help of Agant , a UK-based app development firm, to produce The Animators Survival Kit. And its clear from our initial dabblings a lot of work has gone into making it as beautiful as it is.
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b8 730x547 TNW Pick of the Day: The Animators Survival Kit is a spellbinding iPad app for budding animators

-Today, K12 Survival Solutions announced the availability of its K12 Pocket Survival Cards, a solution to help hikers, backpackers and outdoors lovers who may find themselves lost in the wilderness. The cards fit in a pocket and contain survival and navigation tips, as well as a fire starting kit. What Ive never seen before is a set of waterproof, tear-proof survival cards that give you the tools to light a fire, too. That is, until I came across the new K12 Pocket Survival Cards, says an Outdoor Life magazine reviewer. The reviewer goes on to say, These cards weigh just over 1 ounce, retail for $19.95, and would make a great addition to a vehicle emergency kit, a bug-out bag, or a loved ones Christmas stocking. The full review is available here: Designed for outdoor adventurers, the 3X5 pocket-size cards are made of weather-proof, tear-proof plastic. They contain survival tips, signaling tips, trap and snare diagrams, fire building tips, navigation tips, and much more. Also included is a fire starter kit made up of a 1 ferrocerium spark rod and an 8 piece of jute twine, along with color instructions. The cards are available for purchase at After many years of experiences in the wilderness, the ideas for the cards came to me as a way to help others who may not have as much experience and find themselves in a situation where they need to survive in an unfortunate scenario, said Rob K12, founder of K12 Survival Solutions. The cards carry my best field-learned survival tips, taken from my deep knowledge of how to get by in the wild using only what you have to work with. About K12 Survival Solutions K12 Survival Solutions is a disabled veteran owned business located in Bellevue, Washington.
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Our Airport Survival Kit For Holiday Travel

We asked a team of experts in a recent Twitter Chat for their rules of the road, which were revealing in a series of blog posts. With the holiday season upon us, we asked our panel whats in their airport survival kit. Designer, Chris Benz ( @cmbenz ), plans ahead and brings adapters and chargers for the airport and a large bottle of water for the in-flight experience. SeatGuru ( @SeatGuru ) said hand sanitizer is a necessity for the airport, if you want to stay fresh. Follow @travlandleisure on Twitter and #TL_Chat for more expert tips. Gabrielle Blitz is associate social media editor atTravel + Leisure
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Your Holiday Office Party Survival Kit

What everyone needs in their holiday office party survival kit is an all too frequently ignored awareness of this complexity. To really have fun, to enjoy being with people who inhabit familiar office roles in a new party way, it is useful to embrace this complexity, useful to embrace being inside the oxymoronic paradox of an office party. Hold both in mind at the same time. Embrace contradiction like a dear friend. Sure, there are lots of targeted suggestions floating around some of them really bug out bag really good that make it seem easy to de-fang the dangers: treat the party like a networking event , an opportunity to monitor/develop employee engagement , or a redefined chance to develop for collective volunteerism ; keep the drinking to a minimum , but dont bum people out by abstaining; be sure to put on your party dress or sport a festive necktie if everyone else does; and, our course, grab the mike if karaoke breaks out but refrain from twerking (which at my age is good advice in any situation). Unfortunately these targeted suggestions work best in defined spaces, like offices. Parties, on the other hand, invite the unexpected. A good party includes the excitement of something new, something perhaps hoped for, perhaps unimagined. So, what do you do when Dionysus (aka, Bacchus) comes calling promising joy and rage outside and beyond the limits of your list of behavioral suggestions? How do you improvise? Thats when you need to reach into your survival kit to keep in mind that you are deep inside an oxymoron. You are both at the party and at the office.
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Homemade survival kits battle the flu

<img src='; width='250px' alt='James Preston of Chewton Mendip, England, is hunkering down as he battles what he calls the worst stage of his “man-flu.” His flu survival kit consists of a variety of home remedies, medicine and snacks, such as apple juice, cough drops and French bread for his soup.’ style=’float:left;padding:5px’ />

HIDE CAPTION The flu has been reported in 47 states across the nation Although the spread of the flu has slowed, widespread activity is still reported Illness has led people on social media to post photos of their flu survival kits Flu survival kits consist of medications, fluids and home remedies (CNN) — The early flu season has spiked a fury of “germaphobia” across the United States as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention warned that the flu has reached epidemic levels . Widespread activity is projected to continue. As the fear of contracting the flu spread, so did the trend of crafting flu survival kits. Photo-sharing communities such as Instagram filled with photos of products people were using to battle the flu, from Vitamin C to favorite movies to even a swig of whiskey. Take a look at some of the survival kits above, and read on to hear from their creators about home remedies for surviving the flu. Eric Madsen says he refuses to get sick. As the wave of coughing and sniffling started peaking in New Jersey, he started loading up his system with water, tea and vitamin packs such as Emergen-C, which claim to boost immune systems through Vitamin C and other ingredients. The 32-year-old says the keys to staving off the flu for him were these supplements, hydration and “hot sauce on every meal.” CDC director takes your flu questions Flu epidemic: What you need to know Flu fear goes to Hollywood Middle school teacher Amanda Hanson of Las Vegas wasn’t so lucky. She caught the flu a week ago, running a fever of 102 degrees.
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