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Vonnegut: Go Survival Bag Bag or Kool-Aid?


He put it together himself and picked up a canvas bag at Quinn the Eskimo. It’s a parachuters shoulder bag so if I need to jump out of an airplane, I’ll be fine. In it he got me a case for my iPod Nano and a new LowePro case for my beloved (and aging) Fuji Finepix J10 camera. It’s battery was dying so he got me a replacement battery as well so I can take photos all day now. Since I am horrible with keeping track of SD cards, he got me an Optex media holder in it as well. In the next compartment was some pens and a new journal to keep notes on my adventures. For energy there was a Jersey Milk chocolate bar. He also put in a funky water bottle and a Starbucks Tea Press. In case I got bored, he bought me a National Geographic Travel magazine (which just listed Saskatoon as a great place to travel to). This just goes to show how a good go bag doesn’t have to be about usthey can make a great, personal gift with lots of little items that have a lot of meaning. Happy anniversary, Wendy and Jordan! If you have a great go bag with a useful organization scheme and great features, let us know!
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Go Dreamer – ‘New Age Macks’ & ‘One Big Bag’ | Music Video

We just don’t always carry the same stuff. Military bags need that kind of versatility because they support different kinds of people with different carrying needs day-to-day. For that reason, they have a variety of modular features that you won’t find in standard tech bags and backpacks. Furthermore, army bags get used in the field so the need special features and several easy access points without turning into massive packs that decrease mobility. They’re also made to work with each other and other attachments so you can easily create a modular system . This kind of focus also aids the average person looking to port around a fair amount of stuff for whatever reason, but standard bag manufacturers don’t have as much of a reason to think about that. As a result, you get a lot of useful innovation happening with bags designed for military personnel.
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By Updated April 11, 2013 11:56 a.m. ET Every financial adviser faces a choice at some point in his or her wealth-management career. 1. Do I build a portable business? I like to think of this option as a “go bag” of client assets that can be sold to one of the big shops. The signing bonuses at UBS, Morgan Stanley (MS) and Merrill Lynch are looking pretty good these days, right? Come on, you know what I mean. Bond ladders are packed and ready to go. So…
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Why You Should Get Your Next Go Bag at an Army Surplus Store

Why You Should Get Your Next Go Bag at an Army Surplus Store

Never one to disappoint, Go Dreamer, is back today with something unique and rather infectious, unleashing a new video for his tracks New Age Macks & One Big Bag. New Age Macks finds Mr. Dreamer linking up with Forte Bowie and bringing the track to life with a trippy ass, yet fitting, clip full of kaleidoscope like effects. The other cut, One Big Bag, finds Mr. Dreamer linking up with Tuki Carter and Key, giving us something original and unique to say the least.
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Go Bag grab bag: Analog accessories

They also do a little something to block out ambient noise by providing a tighter seal around your ear than your mobile phone. After the family absconded with two of these I tried a modern alternative the Native Union Travel Handset . It isnt as easy to cradle on your shoulder as more traditional handsets the original definition of hands-free. But it more than makes up for that in portability. Among the features I prefer on the handset is the uncoiled cord even more retro, since coiled cords on corded phones came much later. The advantage to road warriors is that there is less tug on your phone spongy coils can pull the handset off a smooth surface, or even your charging stand. Its a little long about 46 inches so I use a cord wrangler to customize the length. Unadvertised benefit: The earphone is loud enough to put the handset down while on hold and still hear when the other part gets back on the line much easier than switching to the phones speaker option and switching back. I dont use it in the wild in other words, walking around or on the train, etc. But I use it slavishly at home, in the office, or once Ive settled into a coffee shop booth: wherever I use my mobile phone to the exclusion of all else. This particular handset is thinner and lighter than the alternatives, so its tech that might actually get a spot in your go bag.
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