Preparing For 2014: Five Essentials For The Inevitable Emergency

0 Comments Preparing for 2014: Five Essentials for the Inevitable Emergency New Article from Legacy Food Storage Discusses What – and How Much – Is Needed to Help Families and Individuals Be Prepared PR Newswire SALT LAKE CITY, Dec. 31, 2013 SALT LAKE CITY, Dec. 31, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — From food shortages and natural disasters to political unrest and economic uncertainty, the world is not a predictable place. Recent surveys show that a quarter of the U.S. population have done nothing to prepare for a significant emergency, with much of this inactivity due in large part to a lack of knowledge about how to get started. To help reverse this trend, Legacy Food Storage today issued a short article highlighting five essentials that can help anyone withstand an emergency, whether a natural disaster or the financial short-fallings that come with unemployment. (Logo: ) View the full article at or “For many people, this inactivity is due in large part to a lack of knowledge about how exactly to get started and how much they would need for each member of their family,” said Phil Cox, chief executive officer, Legacy Food Storage . “This post will give them a detailed description of some of the most essential items like food and water that people can’t live without, as well as other important items that will meet their basic needs for a few days to even weeks or months.
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Disaster preparedness: Emergency supply kit essentials for your family

Residents of Colorado Springs evacuate homes

Disasters – natural or manmade – are not something we like to think about but they do occur. Mother Nature can bring her wrath in the deadly form of earthquakes, tornadoes and hurricanes. She also can shut down entire cities with snowstorms that while not as dangerous, still need to be prepared for. As we learned tragically on September 11, 2001, man himself can cause a disaster and those threats have not gone away. No matter the cause of a disaster, you need to be prepared to survive without outside help for at least three days. You cannot rely on first responders being able to assist you right away, particularly with a large scale event.
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6 Car emergency essentials: Do you have what you need?

Sioux City Journal January 03, 2014 11:01 am Nobody plans to get stranded by the side of the road. But when you pop a tire or your engine starts smoking, do you have a stash of emergency essentials tucked away in your car? Being trapped on the side of a hot Atlanta freeway for a few hours is no picnic. Here’s what you need to make it through the ordeal safely. 1. Water:It’s always a good idea to have a few bottles of water on hand. Dehydration can lead to dizziness, a headache and dry skin, according to theMayo Clinic. Stay alert and hydrated by sipping water while you wait for help. 2.
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Prepare for the event of a disaster with these emergency kit essentials

Emergency Kit for disasters

If a flat tire spoils your trek up to the snow, use the tire repair kit to help you get to a nearby destination safely. Keep a few reflector vests inside the car just in case you have to hop out to check that everything looks okay. I can remember many times as a kid where Im sure my parents wished they had these basics on hand. Just as it is important to have a first aid kit in the home, its important to be prepared on the road too. Through snow, desert, and all types of terrain, theres always the chance that something could go wrong. Dont get yourself stuck on the side of the road empty handed, pack up these 5 Emergency Essentials to Bring on the Road Trip to keep the whole family safe. Check them out here
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5 Emergency Essentials to Bring on the Road Trip

Kirsch recommends making sure everything in it is multipurpose and be creative with how you use items. Bandages in a first aid kit, for example, can be used for several purposes. Hes also a big fan of duct tape for building shelters and emergency repairs. And Kirsch says a poncho is a must-have multipurpose item for every kit. It protects from rain and sun, but can also be used for basic shelter and to carry items or water if necessary and only starting at around $1. Also See: How I Saved $6,000 With Coupons The truth of the matter is the most important thing in anyones kit is their brain, Kirsch says.
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