Turn Your Pants Into An Emergency Diy Backpack

‘Chaos’ as West Virginia customers pack stores to buy water after chemical spill, federal gov’t opens investigation

Two about 12 inches and one about 3 feet. Tie each pant leg at the bottom about three inches from the hem. Tie them pretty tight. Step 2: Pull the two legs up and tie to the belt loop on either side of the zipper. Be sure to tie them tightly. Step 3: Run the longer cord through the belt loops and use as a drawstring to close the top of your back pack. Fill with softer things on the side against your body and any other things towards the front or Survival Bag back of the pants.
Unearth all the full material on this site – http://lifehacker.com/turn-your-pants-into-an-emergency-diy-backpack-1477796733

BlogsGerber Debuts Bear Grylls’ Entire Ultimate Survival Pack

Gerber Debuts Bear Grylls

For instance, the Federal Emergency Management Agency was planning to deliver more than a million liters of water from nearby Maryland, but the first shipments were not expected to arrive until Friday night. Once word got out about the governor’s declaration Thursday, customers stripped store shelves in many areas of items such as bottled water, paper cups and bowls. As many as 50 customers had lined up to buy water at a convenience store near the state Capitol in Charleston. “It was chaos, that’s what it was,” cashier Danny Cardwell said. State Attorney General Patrick Morrisey warned residents about price gouging on water, ice and other items, calling it “just plain wrong” to inflate prices and encouraging those who’ve seen such practices to report them to his office’s consumer protection division. Although the governor noted that the water advisory extended to restaurants, hospitals, nursing homes and other establishments that use tap water, state public safety spokesman Lawrence Messina said Friday that he wasn’t aware of any hospitals closing and that medical centers “seemed to have adequate water supply, at least for the short term.” At the Little India restaurant in Charleston, about 12 customers were asked to leave when bar manager Bill LaCourse learned about the shutdown notice.
Reference for this subject matter: http://www.foxnews.com/us/2014/01/10/west-virginia-chemical-spill-gov-declares-emergency/

Bear Grylls, the glamorous poster boy of the reality TV survival genre (who once consumed his own urine from a canteen on camera), is back. And just like the premises of his former hit show Man vs. Wildlike, say, teaching viewers to tunnel through ice caves with reindeer antlers as a makeshift ice-axits slightly over the top. Six Tech Products We Can’t Stop Talking About>>> This December, Grylls, in partnership with Gerber, debuted the $1,000 Bear Grylls Ultimate Pack, which comes jammed with 30 gadgets and at least fourteen different knives (by our eyeball accounting). It also has two machetes, a hatchet, and one curved, gnarly-looking thing that looks ideal for either a plane-crash survivor scenario or the next film in the Saw series. Of course, all of this comes conveniently stored in your Bearpack, Grylls trademark commando 60 knapsack, which is emblazoned with the initials BG and is equipped with reflectors to alert you to oncoming traffic wherever it is you might be encountering oncoming traffic. Not everything in there is a sharp object. Theres a flashlight.
Kudos to this webpage: http://www.mensfitness.com/leisure/outdoor/gerber-debuts-bear-grylls-entire-ultimate-survival-pack

Student Wins S’pore James Dyson Award For Survival Backpack

(FFD) Wins Singapore’s National James Dyson Award

Now that the Survival Pack is in the wild, it was interesting to go online to see how gamers are taking to the new content. Pure multiplayer mayhem in Versus Mode. Judging from some online play this morning, there’s going to be a learning curve as people figure out some of this stuff. For instance, on Lighthouse, the only real “new” map in the Survival Pack, gamers were busy trying to figure out the best place to try and hole up against the zombie horde. The answer is really nowhere, as that’s probably the toughest of all the maps in the game, due to the fact that the zombies can tear down many walls to gain access to pretty much every room. Even staying atop the Lighthouse tower itself is dangerous, since you’re exposed to smokers who can grab you with their tongue and pull you off the roof.
This content is documented by: http://www.ign.com/articles/2009/04/21/left-4-dead-survival-pack-in-the-wild

Left 4 Dead Survival Pack in the Wild

IGN UK Podcast #213: In Space No One Can Hear Michael Bay Flounder

Tweet AsianScientist (Nov. 11, 2013) Brandon Tan, a Temasek Polytechnic student in Singapore, has won Singapores National James Dyson Award for developing a survival backpack. With the help of Hyflux, a Singapore-based water management company, Tan from First Few Days (FFD) designed a backpack that pumps drinking water and generates electricity to charge mobile devices in the event of a disaster. He received US$3,200 in prize money as part of the award. The James Dyson Award is an international design award that recognizes and encourages the works of next generation design engineers and aims to inspire young people on design engineering. A US team from the University of Pennsylvania created Titan Arm, a battery powered upper-body robotic arm that instantly increases human strength, winning the 2013 James Dyson Award and US$45,000. The Titan Arm is designed to rehabilitate people suffering from back injuries, allowing them to rebuild muscle and relearn motor control.
This data is documented by: http://www.asianscientist.com/tech-pharma/first-few-days-survival-backpack-james-dyson-award-2013/

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