Project Winter Survival Supplies 3,000 Kits For Homeless

Snowstorm Survival Guide: These Tips Could Help Save Your Life

Project Winter Survival, now part of national charity Engage and Change, saw 3,000 kits assembled and ready for distribution, said The Bargains Group president and CEO Jody Steinhauer, who founded Project Winter Survival. Now in its 15th year, Project Winter Survival packages kits to be given to more than 190 social service agencies for hand out, including Canadian Red Cross, Covenant House, Out of the Cold programs, and the Salvation Army. Each kit is filled with basic supplies to help those living on the streets stay warm during cold winter months. It was the biggest and best event we have had, Steinhauer said, adding she received requests for 12,000 kits this year. The kits will be picked up Saturday, Jan. 25 by representatives from homeless shelters and frontline service agencies to immediately distribute to those in need. The Bargains Group is located on Caledonia Road, south of Lawrence Avenue West. Everyone really came together in our community, she said of the Jan. 18 event. The quality of donated products, the incredible group of volunteers, more sponsors this year. click here!
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(AMC) Also By Patrick Kevin Day January 22, 2014, 5:41 p.m. The second half of “The Walking Dead’s” fourth season is set to begin Feb. 9, barring any unexpected societal collapse. But AMC and “The Walking Dead” are teaming up with emergency preparedness company My Family First to put out “Walking Dead”-branded survival kits . Now you won’t even have zombies at your door or nuclear mutants in your basement as an excuse not to watch the show. No matter what happens, those precious “Walking Dead” fans will survive! PHOTOS: ‘Walking Dead’ and the many meanings of zombies So what do you get in the $130 kits, which are available now for pre-order? Enough supplies to “assist two people to survive for 72 hours.” That includes emergency food rations and water, first aid kit, LED flashlight, two mylar space blankets, two ponchos, leather-palm work gloves, waterproof match booklet and four procedural face masks (in case you need to amputate something). Not included is the courage to amputate or execute loved ones in cases of zombie infection or aforementioned nuclear mutation. PHOTOS: Behind the scenes of ‘The Walking Dead’ In a statement, Angie Torres, co-founder and chief operating officer of My Family First, said, “We designed this kit to help two people stay alive for three days with not much else.” Considering the second half of “The Walking Dead” season will take place over eight weeks, it’s best to hope that any major disasters wait for the final week, so survivors can power through the season in one marathon sitting. ALSO:
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‘The Walking Dead’ wants to brand your apocalypse survival

The only thing MLB accomplished with the Tanaka signing, the executive contends, was to create a worrisome new precedent, since Rakuten got less and Tanaka got a whole lot more. “Since 1996, the idea has been to have a great player market, but to maintain some kind of controls over player salaries,” the executive said. … “Because of this signing, the entire pitching market will be inflated. This is going to pull up Matt Garza and Jimenez and all these other pitchers, and it’s going to help David Price next year.
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Prepare for the worst with new ‘Walking Dead’ survival kit

Cover the windows at night 5. Eat and drink to prevent dehydration 6. Wear layers of loose-fitting, light-weight and warm clothing If Caught Outside: 1. Find a dry shelter immediately 2. Cover all exposed body parts If Caught Outdoors Without Shelter: 1. Prepare a lean-to, wind break, or snow-cave for protection against the wind 2. Build a fire for heat and attention purposes 3. Place rocks around the fire to absorb and reflect the heat 4. Do not eat snow straight off the ground, melt it first. If Stranded in a Vehicle: 1.
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Miller on January 23, 2014 05:16 PM When a major disaster strikes, AMCs TheWalking Dead wants to be sure fans can put to use all the savvy survival skills they saw enacted on the hit show. To do so, it has partnered with First My Family to sell $130 branded emergency survival kits . The kits are good enough to keep two people alive for 72 hours, but dont contain anything specific to battle zombies (though the waterproof matches that come in some kits could do the trick). What fans will find are emergency food rations and water, a first-aid kit, LED flashlight, two Mylar space blankets, two ponchos, leather-palm work gloves, and four procedural facemasks. Just hope that you don’t need one before the second half of season 4 starts on Feb. 9. According to the Los Angeles Times, kits wont arrive until February or March. Emergencies happen every day, and its more important than ever to be prepared, said Andrew Torres, CEO and Founder of First My Family, according to the Chicago Sun-Times. Torres and his wife came up with the emergency kit idea during the shows “Talking Dead” chat after each episode and then pitched it to AMC via social media about a year ago. The first 10,000 orders will receive an exclusive The Walking Dead “We’re Survivors” patchbecause what else are you going to do when you’re holed up in an underground bunker? The kit is just the latest licensing agreement the network has entered on behalf of the hit show. Previously, the series has been used for a college course and has made a prominent appearance for Hyundai .
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Daily Jolt: What’s in NFL’s Super Bowl survival kit

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The first 10,000 pre-orders get priority status and an exclusive The Walking Dead “We’re Survivors” patch. Go ahead and wear that to school or work anyone who gives you a solemn not instead of laughing or rolling their eyes is someone to contact right away when the real ish hits the fan. The kit is said to include enough emergency supplies for two people to survive 72 hours. (If you haven’t already done so, maybe go ahead and take AMC’s How Long Would You Survive in a Zombie Apocalypse Quiz? to see how long you’re expected to last through the bad times.) Here’s what the kit includes: High end military style messenger bag with brass fittings and custom The Walking Dead Logo 1 – Daytrex 2400 Calorie Emergency Food Ration. Stays fresh for up to 5 years 12 – Daytrex 4.22 oz packs of Emergency Water. Stays fresh for up to 5 years 1 – Premium Lifeline First Aid kit, 85 Pieces 1 – Lifegear Glow LED Flashlight. Lasts up to 400 hours 2 – Emergency Mylar Space Blankets 2 – Emergency Ponchos for Severe Weather 1 – Leather Palm Work Gloves for moving debris 1 – Waterproof match booklet (where permitted) 4 – Procedural Face Masks Check out photos of everything on First My Family’s site. This puppy ain’t cheap.
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AMC Doesn’t Need to Stretch Too Far for Latest Walking Dead Gimmick: a Survival Kit

In its place, parents can send toys and trifles, wrapped in green tissue paper in a large, impressive box. One such kit includes a game called Pocket Pachinko, a miniature pinball game; a small Slinky, a kazoo and a rubber ball. A small box contains a new game from England called Continuo. A tube of ”mystic smoke” allows one to create a puff of smoke with a snap of the fingers. The electric plastic fan in the box comes with batteries and appears harmless. The fortune-telling plastic fish from Japan will tell you if you are fickle, false or passionate. A Camp Care Package with toys appropriate for children from elementary-school age up to 15 can be ordered from Penny Whistle at two locations: 1283 Madison Avenue (91st Street), New York, N.Y. 10028, 212-369-3868, and 448 Columbus Avenue (81st Street), New York, N.Y. 10024, 212-873-9090.
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You’re a SEAL Stranded in Hostile Territory: What’s in Your Survival Kit?

Coast Guard), Mylar space blankets, 24-hour body heat blankets, ponchos, glow sticks, a Lifeline first aid kit, procedural medical mask, leather palm work gloves, waterproof matches (where permitted), and a Life Gear LED flashlight, all wrapped up in AMCs The Walking Dead branded military-style messenger bag. Guess youre on your own when it comes to finding a gun, sword or blunt instrument to squash walkers skulls. The characters on AMCs zombie apocalypse hit series have more in common with their fans than they may think, according to press materials about the new survival kit. Whether its earthquakes on the West Coast, severe weather across the East Coast, or tornadoes throughout the Midwest, danger is present on a daily basis. The survival and emergency preparedness kit is available for pre-order beginning January 22nd as part of the lead-up to AMCs The Walking Dead mid-season premiere on Sunday, February 9th. Emergencies happen every day, and its more important than ever to be prepared, said Andrew Torres, CEO and Founder of First My Family. We designed this kit to help two people stay alive for three days with not much else, added registered nurse Angie Torres, co-founder of the company. The husband and wife team got the idea for the kit while watching TWDs post-show chatfest, Talking Dead. They reached out through social media to AMC to pitch their idea about a year ago. The Walking Dead Survival Kit can be pre-ordered online at . According to press materials, the first 10,000 pre-orders will receive an exclusive AMC The Walking Dead Were Survivors Patch. Lori Rackl, TV Critic
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AMC Releases Official The Walking Dead Survival Kit — Plan For Zombie Apocalypse Now!

If quoting an equal product, vendor shall provide all salient characteristics in order to be considered for award. (PHOTOS: Navy SEALs in Action ) While Navy folks didnt rush to answer Battlelands questions about how much the kits are expected to cost, and if theyve changed recently, its neat to peek inside to see whats there. But first of all, the SEALs have been known to wreck things. Like helicopters. So the survival kits a complete kit includes both hard and soft cases have to be able to endure SEAL abuse. The hard case is 4-by-2-by-1.2 inches, weighing six ounces or less, and available in both Desert Tan or OD/Forest Green. Beyond those particulars, the hard case shall be: Capable of limited cooking without effecting the container finish (i.e. paint bubbling) Capable of being used as a limited digging implement without affecting its ability to house contents (simultaneous function of digging and housing not required). Shall have a weather resistant gasket able to keep out water during minor water immersion (i.e. river crossings, swimming) Shall have a fastening system that is reuseable and secure to prevent accidental openings Top surface of kit must have permanently affixed a 2 x 3 piece of loop fastener (i.e. soft side of velcro) Ruggedized to take heavy abuse while carried without damage to inner contents Case shall securely hold all items below without rattling or other noises. The soft case, measuring 3.5 by 2.25 inches, will feature a U.S.
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