Put Together A Winter Car Emergency Kit

Emergency kit could help stranded drivers

Photo by ex_magician . Compared to creating a home winter emergency kit, a car emergency kit has two principle differences. First, you’re severely bug out bag limited on space compared to home preparationsand you burn extra gas hauling your loot around. Second, when the power goes out and the party stops at your house, you’re still at home safe and sound. When your car gets stuck in the middle of no where and it’s 12F out, it’s a radically worse situation that could end tragically. Keep Your Car Topped Off and Well Serviced S You can’t avoid every curve ball Old Man Winter will throw at you, but if you run out of gas on a lonely and frozen highway because you’d passed a half dozen gas stations while running on less than a quarter of a tank, you can’t exactly point your finger at anyone. The same goes for having your vehicle tuned up and road-ready. We know it’s not cheap and owning a vehicle can be quite a money sink, but nobody huddled in a broken down car on the side of a deserted road and slowly losing the feeling in their limbs has thought “Man I’m glad I skipped that $200 tune up.” Photo by Tome Lemo . Assess Your Driving Patterns and Plan for the Worst The amount of inclement weather preparation you’ll need to undertake is largely dependent on the kind of driving you do. Winters can be bitter in New York City, but you won’t need the kind of gear in your trunk that someone who commutes on the rural highways of North Dakota would need. When it comes to planning for the worst, you don’t need to plan for the absolute worst mind you, nobody expects you to keep a surgical kit and a guide to field surgery in your car. Most emergency kits fall woefully short though.
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Homemade survival kits battle the flu

<img src='http://i2.cdn.turner.com/cnn/dam/assets/130114091550-irpt-flu-kit-1-horizontal-gallery.jpg&#039; width='250px' alt='James Preston of Chewton Mendip, England, is hunkering down as he battles what he calls the worst stage of his “man-flu.” His flu survival kit consists of a variety of home remedies, medicine and snacks, such as apple juice, cough drops and French bread for his soup.’ style=’float:left;padding:5px’ />

“The best thing to do is stay in your car, stay warm and wait for help,” Marett said. He’s the deputy director with Greenville County Emergency Management and said all drivers should have an emergency kit in their cars. “If you have specific needs such as medications that you may need to take on a regular basis, keep some of those with you,” Marett said. A kit can include hand warmers, water, snacks and a blanket. “If you have a child, make sure you have enough diapers and formula,” Marett said. He said that way if you’re stranded, you’ll be safe until you can get home.
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Professionals Offer Tips on What to Keep in an Emergency Car Kit

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Work crews encourage emergency kits for all drivers

Note: While having a three-day supply of food and water is a good start, The Red Cross recommends that you have a three-day supply of food ready to take with you in case you have to evacuate your home, and a two-week supply for your home. Extra Supplies Beyond the basics such as food and water, think about what else your family might need if you could not go to the store for at least three days. Three days doesn’t seem like very long, but if you have an infant who needs diapers or formula, you want to make sure that you don’t run out during that three-day period. You also don’t want your pets to go hungry. Here are a few examples of extra items you might include in your emergency kit: Personal hygiene items Extra cash -Lantern, candles and matches or lighter -Battery-operated radio Important Records You should keep copies of your important records in your emergency kit so that they can be taken with you if you ever have to evacuate your home. The last thing you want to do when disaster strikes is spend hours on the phone tracking down important records.
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Put Together a Winter Car Emergency Kit

This official kit is perfect to have around in case of emergencies, or to simply add to your collection of show memorabilia. The Walking Dead Survival Kit $129.99 Exclusive AMC The Walking Dead Were Survivors Patch to the first 10,000 orders Kit contains enough emergency supplies to assist two people to survive for 72 hours Kit Contents Include: High end military style messenger bag with brass fittings and custom The Walking Dead Logo 2 Datrex 2400 Calorie Emergency Food Ration. Stays fresh for up to 5 years 12 Datrex 4.22 oz packs of Emergency Water. Stays fresh for up to 5 years 1 Premium Lifeline First Aid kit, 85 Pieces 1 Lifegear Glow LED Flashlight. Lasts up to 400 hours 2 Emergency Mylar Space Blankets 2 Emergency Ponchos for Severe Weather 1 Leather Palm Work Gloves for moving debris 1 Waterproof match booklet (where permitted) 4 Procedural Face Masks According to AMC , people who order early get a few added bonuses. Kits are expected to arrive in limited volume in February or March, so order now and receive a custom The Walking Dead Pre-Order certificate with an exclusive single use redemption code. The first 10,000 pre-orders will be given priority status and include an exclusive The Walking Dead Were Survivors patch. Related Content from ZergNet:
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Essential family emergency kit checklist

BATON ROUGE, LA (NBC33) — When wintry weather ripped through the South, some Atlanta drivers got stuck on the roadways for hours on end. In Louisiana that wasn’t the case. Here in Louisiana whether it’s a winter storm, a hurricane evacuation, or any other disaster event a, Mike Steele, spokesman for GOHSEP, said it’s a good idea to have an emergency kit in your car and a game plan in case you get stuck on the road. “There maybe man made emergencies or other weather related emergencies you face so it’s good to have a game plan in place so that your ready to deal with anything,” Steele said. Steele says a basic car to go kit here in Louisiana should include things you would need to make it through extended periods of time in the car. He suggest including things like a flashlight, batteries, roadside flairs, an emergency flag, food, water, emergency road flairs, and medicine. He said you should also know the health of your car, before hitting the road. “A two hour drive can easily turn into a five or six hour drive at times [during a disaster event], so you need to know the working conditions of your car. Make sure you know the fuel situation with your car ahead of time,” Steele explained. Steele recommends drivers should keep your cell phone with you and phone chargers in your car just in case you get stuck. Click here for more info on GOHSEP and creating a game plan click here. For more info on creating a kit click here.
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Pre-Order The Official Walking Dead Survival Kit

The Walking Dead Survival Kit

He is taking cold and flu medications, cough suppressants, vitamins B and C, and hot lemon drink from his flu survival kit. He also advocates gargling twice a day with lukewarm salt water. Rachel James , a nurse in Bethlehem, Philadelphia, says she not only has the flu, but a terribly painful sore throat as well. Her flu survival kit is made up of variety of medications, disinfectants, water and soups, and she says frozen Slurpees are soothing her throat. Terry Saffold , a college student in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, says he’s battling the flu with water, tea, throat spray and healthy, light food. Eric Madsen of Cliffside Park, New Jersey, is trying his best to not catch the flu. He’s taking preventative measures such as staying hydrated, taking extra vitamins and using disinfectants. Las Vegas junior high teacher Amanda Hanson is out with the flu. She says water, medicine and long hours of watching movies on Netflix are helping her recover. Jaclyn Kunz from East Rockaway, New York, never had the flu until this year. But now that she is sick, she says cough drops, sports drinks, a variety of cold and flu medications and “bad television” are helping her get through her flu. HIDE CAPTION The flu has been reported in 47 states across the nation Although the spread of the flu has slowed, widespread activity is still reported Illness has led people on social media to post photos of their flu survival kits Flu survival kits consist of medications, fluids and home remedies (CNN) — The early flu season has spiked a fury of “germaphobia” across the United States as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention warned that the flu has reached epidemic levels .
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