107 Pieces Of Survival Gear For Your Car, Home And To-go Bag

Relief agencies recommend that homeowners keep three days’ worth of food and water as well as a kit of medical supplies and other essentials in the house at all times. However, Popular Mechanics recommends that our readers go a step further. Outlined below are three disaster kits–one for your home, one for your car and one in a backpack for quick evacuations. That way, when disaster strikes and there’s no time to think, you won’t have to.
Source for this text: http://www.popularmechanics.com/outdoors/survival/gear/survival-gear-for-car-home-to-go-bag

Fallen Televangelist Jim Bakker Now Hawking Apocalyptic Survivalist Gear On The Web

How about a great big Jim Bakker food bucket. The disgraced televangelist is now hawking survivalist gear and books about the apocalypse on his website almost 20 years after he was released from prison on a conviction of bilking followers out of millions of dollars. Back from the evangelical wilderness, Bakker now tapes a daily TV show from the rolling Ozarks of Missouri and uses his website to pitch what he calls “love gifts,” essentially a variety of odd products including “Tiffany style” jewelery, fuel-less generators and buckets of dried food. For just $500, you can get “Jim’s All American 4 Star Vegetable” buckets. A cool two grand will get you the “Jerry Jones Special,” which promises “over 3,300 servings of food and enough fuel to cook 480 meals.” Preparing for the end of the world is nothing new for Bakker, who served almost five years in prison following his conviction for the $158 million rip off of his followers. “Pastor Jim,” as he calls himself now, published a book in 1998 called Prosperity and the Coming Apocalypse , which he sells on his site for $20 and proclaims: “This is not just a book of prophecy, it is a book of survival.” His longtime wife Tammy Faye having divorced him while he was in prison, Bakker married his new wife, Lori, the same year he published the book. She now works beside him as a pastor at the Jim Bakker Show and offers her own line of products like the “Lori’s Little Lambs Chrystal Necklace” for $35.
Look at the original details in this article: http://talkingpointsmemo.com/muckraker/fallen-televangelist-jim-bakker-now-hawking-apocalyptic-survivalist-gear-on-the-web

Survival Gear: Grate Chef Firestarter Packets

Cold, wet, and windy conditions make fire building a very difficult chore. Use this time to stock up on lighters, matches, and various forms of tinder and fuel to add to your emergency equipment. When it comes to home fuel, its hard to beat the good old cotton ball soaked in petroleum jelly, but Grate Chef FireStarter packets make a great back up. Available in Europe for years, fire staring packs are a more recent introduction to the shelves of many American grocery and home improvement stores. Theyre often found next to the charcoal and lighter fluid, or the grilling equipment. The non-toxic contents (which include aliphatic hydrocarbons, urea-based resins, and paraffin) are stored inside small waterproof packets, each measuring 2.5 x 2.5 inches and weighing about of an ounce. When youre ready to light your fire, grill, stove, or hearth, just apply an open flame to the corner of one packet, and it will begen to burn and ignite the paraffin. Each FireStarter pack burns for roughly 9 to 10 minutes, even in bad weather. With the right fire-building materials in place (like good tinder, kindling, and firewood), this 10-minute window of flame should be more than enough time to get a fire going, even with damp materials. A package of Grate Chef FireStarters contains 6 separate packs and retails for about $3. Compared to similar products, I found the Grate Chef a little difficult to light, but once lit it produced a flame almost a foot tall. I wasnt able to light the Grate Chef packets with ferrocerium rods, but an open flame from a match or lighter worked just fine.
Obtain all the complete material on this site – http://www.outdoorlife.com/blogs/survivalist/2013/12/survival-gear-grate-chef-firestarter-packets

Gear Up – A Survivalist’s Dream Company Come True

Sonia with survivalist Tim amid his vast stores.

It was just a matter of time before production television took note of the passion and business know-how of Ralston. The show Doomsday Preppers wanted to feature Ralston. National Geographic Channel called and wanted me to be on the show. I asked Can I bring my shovel? mused Ralston of his signature Crovel. His segment on the show centered on firearms training. The episode was a hit. We became their number one rated show and its still their most replayed episode. Ralston thinks his onscreen persona really resonates with an audience because hes different. I think its my ability to talk to other people and I dont look like your typical survivalist, he said. Ralston has also appeared on the cover of American Survival Guide Magazine. The Xcaliber Survival Rifle is another very versatile weapon created by Ralston and billed as the ultimate rifle. Its my solution for survivalists, preppers and outdoorsmen, Ralston noted.
Full content accessible on this site: http://www.ammoland.com/2013/10/gear-up-a-survivalists-dream-company-come-true/

ElementProtectionGear.com Introduces Online Source for Survival Gear

Founder and owner of Atteo Enterprises LLC, Steven Frye, said, “We’re excited to start selling products but we’re also excited about raising awareness. There are countless situations that require survival gear in order to remain safe; these products aren’t just for natural disasters.” The new online store at ElementProtectionGear.com offers a variety of disaster preparedness products for natural disasters such as snow storms, floods and tornadoes as well as power outages, car accidents and breakdowns, economic emergencies, and lockdowns at school or work. Product categories currently include: first aid items, food and water, lights and communication, shelter and warmth, and survival kits. The company plans to add to its inventory throughout 2014 as the business grows. Frye added, “Being adequately prepared for an unexpected turn of events makes a drastic difference in the outcome of any situation. We look forward to helping individuals and households across the country better prepare themselves.” ElementProtectionGear.com accepts all major credit cards including PayPal accounts and items purchased can be shipped anywhere within the United States. For more information on Atteo Enterprises LLC and its new online store, visit http://www.ElementProtectionGear.com . Shopping
Full content material available in this article: http://finance.yahoo.com/news/elementprotectiongear-com-introduces-online-source-160300827.html

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